Sensor Review: Volume 32 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Environmental monitoring

Monitoring and predicting natural hazards in the environment

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to provide a technical insight into the sensors and systems used to monitor and forecast certain natural hazards.

IMTS highlights how the quest for quality drives sensing innovation

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review the sensor technology innovations featured at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

A review of in situ methods and sensors for monitoring the marine environment

Graham Mills, Gary Fones

This article aims to review the different devices that are available for the in situ monitoring of analytes found in the marine environment.

DEPLOY: a long term deployment of a water quality sensor monitoring system

Antóin Lawlor, Javier Torres, Brendan O'Flynn, John Wallace, Fiona Regan

DEPLOY is a successful technology demonstration project showing how state of the art technology can be implemented to achieve, continuous, real‐time monitoring of a river…

Automated tongue area detection for computer‐aided diagnosis based on ASM and GA

Zhi Liu, Hongjun Wang, Wei Jiang

The human tongue is a unique organ that can be stuck out of the body for physical examination, and tongue diagnosis is very important in traditional Chinese medicine…

Fire detection in coal mines based on semiconductor gas sensors

Peter Reimann, Andreas Schütze

Due to the environmental conditions, the detection and identification of hazardous situations in coal mines is a challenge. The purpose of this research is to focus on the…

FEM simulation of platinum‐based microhotplate using different dielectric membranes for gas sensing applications

Mahanth Prasad, R.P. Yadav, V. Sahula, V.K. Khanna

The purpose of this paper is to help reduce power consumption by using platinum‐based microhotplate with different dielectric membranes SiO2 and Si3N4 for gas sensing…

Technological assessment of high temperature sensing systems under extreme environment

Anindya Ghoshal, Dy Le, HeungSoo Kim

Presently there exists no way to directly measure strain at high temperatures in engine components such as the combustion chamber, exhaust nozzle, propellant lines, and…

A low‐power integrated electronic nose system

Mercedes Crego‐Calama, Sywert Brongersma, Devrez Karabacak, Mieke Van Bavel

The purpose of this paper is to present a novel approach for fabricating electronic nose (e‐nose) systems for adaptation into autonomous wireless sensor nodes. Such…

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