Sensor Review: Volume 31 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Image processing and pattern recognition

Real‐time pressure mapping system

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review an innovative approach to pressure mapping.

Sensors for interfacing with consumer electronics

Robert Bogue

The paper aims to describe the sensors used for interfacing with consumer electronic devices.

Machine vision 3D skin texture analysis for detection of melanoma

L.N. Smith, M.L. Smith, A.R. Farooq, J. Sun, Y. Ding, R. Warr

The purpose of this paper is to describe innovative machine vision methods that have been employed for the capture and analysis of 3D skin textures; and the resulting…

Vibration measurement system based on position sensitive detector

Jinxue Sui, Xia Zhang, Li Yang, Zhilin Zhu, Zhang Xin

Vibration measurement is needed in many industrial production processes, such as equipment monitoring, fault diagnosis, and noise analysis and eliminating and so on. The…

Determination of tool nose radii of cutting inserts using machine vision

G.J. Chian, M.M. Ratnam

The nose radii of cutting inserts are normally measured using a profile projector or toolmaker's microscope. Since only a sector of a circle is available for the…

On‐line print‐defect detecting in an incremental subspace learning framework

Xiaogang Sun, Liang Zhang, Bin Chen

The purpose of this paper is to propose a novel on‐line print‐defect detecting approach.

Using no‐parameter statistic features for texture image retrieval

Xianqiang Zhu, Zhenfeng Shao

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the spectrum influence between radon transform and log‐polar transform when rotation and scale effect is eliminated. The average…

Micro crack detection of multi‐crystalline silicon solar wafer using machine vision techniques

Yih‐Chih Chiou, Jian‐Zong Liu, Yu‐Teng Liang

The detection of invisible micro cracks (μ‐cracks) in multi‐crystalline silicon (mc‐si) solar wafers is difficult because of the wafers' heterogeneously textured…

An automatic inspection and control method for a biological reagent production system with image processing techniques

Chern‐Sheng Lin, Yung‐Yen Su, Hung‐Jung Shei, Chuen‐Lin Tien, An‐Tsung Lu

The purpose of this paper is to present an automatic inspection and control method for a reagent rapid test strip production system, with image processing techniques.

Theoretical and experimental studies on liquid refractive index sensor based on bundle fiber

S.W. Harun, H.Z. Yang, H. Ahmad

The purpose of this paper is to investigate, theoretically and experimentally the performance of liquid refractive index sensor (LRIS).

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