Sensor Review: Volume 3 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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A system for automatic measurement of geometrical values

S. Stanley, R.T. Rakowski

The authors describe an automatic system to measure the repeatability of industrial robots. A unit with a resolution of 11µm and an accuracy as high as 0.5µm has been designed.

The art of talking to a computer

This issue of Sensor Review is largely devoted to a special report on automatic speech recognition. It is a subject which, during the next few years will become of rapidly…

How the spoken word is captured

Speech recognition machines currently on the market are all built upon the same research foundation. The most important milestones on the road to present‐day systems are…

How speech recognizers work

Algorithms developed at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment and the Joint Speech Research Unit open the way to greater precision in distinguising similar words and…

Universal system the target in Japan

John Hartley

Voice recognition research moves towards integration with knowledge base as Isi circuits reduce the cost of systems now available.

LOGOS II: a two board continuous speech recognition system

Jeremy Peckham

A continuous speech recognition system developed by Logica for JSRU is described in detail.

Connected speech system aims for industrial market

An independently developed system based on JSRU research is now being offered ‘off the shelf’ by Marconi Space and Defence Systems.

Understanding speech sounds

Present‐day systems are a long way short of the ultimate target of speaker‐independent recognition of continuous natural speech. Brian Pay heads a small team at the…

Applications and potential of speech recognition

There are severe limitations to the speech recognition systems currently on the market and the articles in this special report make quite clear what the systems will not…

Sampling the system

There are believed to be something in the region of 250 different speech recognition systems available worldwide. This brief review, together with the articles on two…

Where to find out more about speech technology

Papers and articles on automatic speech recognition appear in many different journals. Research on the nature of speech is prominent in the Journal of the Acoustical…

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