Sensor Review: Volume 28 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Localisation systems

Guest Editors: Professor John Billingsley

Developments in localisation sensor systems

Christine Connolly

The purpose of this paper is to report the development trends and emerging applications of non‐GPS localisation sensors.

Simultaneous sensing of location and mapping for autonomous robots

Richard Bloss

To describe an innovative new technology, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), for creating maps and localization for autonomous robot operations.

Warehouse management technologies

Christine Connolly

Aims to discover the different technologies used in warehouse stock control.

GRAIL: a general purpose localization system

Yingying Chen, Gayathri Chandrasekaran, Eiman Elnahrawy, John‐Austen Francisco, Konstantinos Kleisouris, Xiaoyan Li, Richard P. Martin, Robert S. Moore, Begumhan Turgut

The purpose of this paper is to describe a general purpose localization system, GRAIL. GRAIL provides real‐time, adaptable, indoor localization for wireless devices.

A localisation system for an indoor rotary‐wing MAV using blade mounted LEDs

Lin Chi Mak, Mark Whitty, Tomonari Furukawa

The purpose of this paper is to present a localisation system for an indoor rotary‐wing micro aerial vehicle (MAV) that uses three onboard LEDs and base station mounted…

Magnetic vehicle guidance

Pedro Santos, Stéphane Holé, Céline Filloy, Danièle Fournier

The purpose of this paper is to describe a system that provides the driver or the driving assistance system with the lateral position information of the vehicle on the…

A review of optical fibre radiation dosimeters

S. O'Keeffe, C. Fitzpatrick, E. Lewis, A.I. Al‐Shamma'a

The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed review of radiation dosimetry techniques based on optical fibre dosimeters. It presents a comprehensive bibliography of…

Crystalline object evaluation by image processing

Kuniaki Kawabata, Mutsunori Takahashi, Kanako Saitoh, Mitsuaki Sugahara, Hajime Asama, Taketoshi Mishima, Masashi Miyano

The purpose of this paper is to propose a state discrimination for crystallization samples (droplets), the purpose of which is to discriminate between diffractable…

The design and application of rotary encoders

Alex Ellin, Gregor Dolsak

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the increasing use of rotary or angle encoders and examine two distinct types of non‐contact encoders that employ novel…

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