Sensor Review: Volume 27 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Heat sensing, thermal imaging and low light imaging

Guest Editors: GUEST SPECIALIST, Dr Cline Filloy

From bolometers to beetles: the development of thermal imaging sensors

Robert Bogue

This paper seeks to describe and discuss the historical development of IR sensors used in thermal imaging and to identify and consider some recent research trends.

Wildlife‐spotting robots

Christine Connolly

This paper sets out to describe hardware and software developments in robotic cameras for wildlife observation.

Diamond sensors: the dawn of a new era?

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to describe the background to the development of diamond‐based sensors and to illustrate recent progress in this field.

High resolution thermal imaging inside integrated circuits

G. Tessier, M. Bardoux, C. Filloy, C. Boué, D. Fournier

Heating is a major cause of failure in integrated circuits. The authors have designed thermoreflectance‐based systems operating at various wavelengths in order to obtain…

Thermography techniques for integrated circuits and semiconductor devices

Wenjun Liu, Bozhi Yang

The goal of this review paper is to provide information on several commonly used thermography techniques in semiconductor and micro‐device industry and research today.

Pedestrian tracking routine for passive automotive night vision systems

Mohammed Omar, Yi Zhou

This paper aims to present a new approach to implement a pedestrian tracking algorithm for a passive automotive night vision application.

Design and fabrication of a new tactile probe for measuring the modulus of elasticity of soft tissues

Hamid Roham, Siamak Najarian, Seyed Mohsen Hosseini, Javad Dargahi

The paper aims to discuss the design, fabrication, communication, testing, and simulation of a new tactile probe called Elastirob used to measure the modulus of elasticity…

An on‐vehicle loading measurement system with capacitance and acceleration transducers

Sanxu Yang, Baozhong Yin, Wuqiang Yang

In some developing countries, vehicles are often over‐loaded, which causes road accidents and damage to road surfaces. Currently, large measuring facilities are used to…

The ring fluxgate: a very modern 80‐year old

Chris Shelton

The paper aims to explain the operating principles of fluxgate magnetometers.

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