Sensor Review: Volume 27 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Optical Chemical Sensing

Guest Editors: Dr Jeff Newman

Optical chemical sensors for industrial applications

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to describe the techniques used in industrial optical chemical sensors and to consider future prospects.

Instrumentation used in vehicle safety testing at Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd

Christine Connolly

This paper aims to investigate the specifications of sensors used in vehicle impact testing, especially in crash test dummies.

Thin‐film force sensors: opening doors in automated systems

Mark Lowe, Elizabeth Hood, Mike Ozog

This technical paper aims to provide an overview of thin‐film force sensors, present discussions of various ways these force sensors are used in automated systems, and…

Sensor trends in processing and packaging of foods and pharmaceuticals

Christine Connolly

This paper aims to reveal developments in sensors applied to packaging lines.

Surface‐enhanced Raman scattering for identification of organic pigments and dyes in works of art and cultural heritage material

Kui Chen, Marco Leona, Tuan Vo‐Dinh

Identification and characterization of organic pigments and dyes used in works of art and cultural heritage material such as prints, drawings, manuscripts, paintings, and…

Evaluation of commercial metal‐oxide based NO2 sensors

Lun‐Chen Hsu, Thermpon Ativanichayaphong, Hung Cao, Jeongsik Sin, Mason Graff, Harry E. Stephanou, J.‐C. Chiao

Selection of a gas sensor requires consideration of environmental effects that can significantly affect performance and cause false alarms. Metal‐oxide sensors have high…

Integration of vision and inertial sensors for industrial tools tracking

N. Parnian, M.F. Golnaraghi

This paper represents a hybrid Vision/INS system for tool tracking applications. The proposed system incorporates low cost MEMS sensors and low cost vision type sensors…

Tuning the dynamic behaviour of cantilever MEMS based sensors and actuators

Gino Rinaldi, Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Ion Stiharu

This paper seeks to establish an analytical reference model in order to optimize the frequency response of MEMS cantilever structures using cutouts.

Inertial sensors for motion detection of human upper limbs

Huiyu Zhou, Huosheng Hu

This paper seeks to present an inertial motion tracking system for monitoring movements of human upper limbs in order to support a home‐based rehabilitation scheme in…

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