Sensor Review: Volume 26 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Transport and building

Guest Editors: Professor Andreas Koschan

A process to fabricate micro‐membrane of Si3N4 and SiO2 using front‐side lateral etching technology

P.A. Alvi, B.D. Lourembam, V.P. Deshwal, B.C. Joshi, J. Akhtar

To fabricate submicrometer thin membrane of silicon nitride and silicon dioxide over an anisotropically etched cavity in (100) silicon.

Design and microfabrication of a hybrid piezoelectric‐capacitive tactile sensor

Javad Dargahi, Mojtaba Kahrizi, Nakka Purushotham Rao, Saeed Sokhanvar

To measure the force applied to the tissue, the traditional endoscopic graspers might be equipped with a kind of tactile force sensor.

Radio frequency identification technology: applications, technical challenges and strategies

Suhong Li, John K. Visich, Basheer M. Khumawala, Chen Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the technology behind RFID systems, identify the applications of RFID in various industries, and discuss the technical challenges…

Micromachined high sensitivity thermal inclinometer

Courteaud Johann, Combette Philippe, Giani Alain

This document presents the study of a one‐dimensional thermal inclinometer based on free convection.

Interferometric measurement of workpiece flatness in ultra‐precision flycutting

Eric Marsh, David Arneson, Matthew Van Doren, Scott Blystone

The purpose of this paper is to show how an ultra‐precision manufacturing process (flycutting) can be improved through interferometry.

Investigation into the packaging and operation of an electronic tongue sensor for industrial applications

Karen Twomey, Killan Murphy

The purpose of this paper is to describe the packaging and operation of an electronic tongue sensor. The sensor will be used in an industrial setting and the packaging…

Taguchi or classical design of experiments: a perspective from a practitioner

Jiju Antony

The purpose of this paper is to present some fundamental and critical differences between the two methods of experimental design (i.e. Taguchi and classical design of…

Safety concerns drive the automotive sensor markets

Robert Bogue

To give a background to the automotive sensor industry and consider recent developments in sensors used in vehicle safety systems.

Fibre‐optic‐based sensors bring new capabilities to structural monitoring

Christine Connolly

To examine the range of fibre‐optic sensors available for monitoring the integrity of buildings and civil engineering structures.

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