Sensor Review: Volume 26 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Automatic Identification

Guest Editors: Dr Duncan Mcfarlane, Andy Shaw

Mobile LIDAR system detects air pollution hot spots

Robert Bogue

To describe the light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technique and to discuss recent surveys by Environment Canada which have employed a novel scanning LIDAR system, the…

An overview of EPC technology

Frederic Thiesse, Florian Michahelles

This paper aims to provide an overview of the electronic product code (EPC) and related RFID standards that are currently being rolled out in the retail industry.

Design of combined voltage reference and temperature sensor for RFID applications

Han‐Pang Huang, Chih‐Peng Liu

The development of the combined voltage reference and temperature sensor is focused on the RFID applications. The passive RFID systems derive power in the tag solely from…

A vision‐based system for inspecting painted slates

Ovidiu Ghita, Tim Carew, Paul Whelan

This paper describes the development of a novel automated vision system used to detect the visual defects on painted slates.

Error measurement and analysis for a 3D face surface matching system

George Stockman, Jayson Payne, Jermil Sadler, Dirk Colbry

To report on the evaluation of error of a face matching system consisting of a 3D sensor for obtaining the surface of the face, and a two‐stage matching algorithm that…

Querying non‐uniform image databases for biometrics‐related identification applications

Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang

This research project focuses on developing techniques and technologies for automatically identifying human faces from images in the situations where face sample…

Consolidated data acquisition and management for first responders

Dragan Vidacic, Pavlo Melnyk, Kriste Krstovski, Richard A. Messner, Frank C. Hludik, Andrew L. Kun

To design an efficient and integrated framework for automated and simple data acquisition and processing targeted for first response scenarios.

Characterization of anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery

Chein‐I Chang, Mingkai Hsueh

The paper aims to characterize anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery.

A hybrid randomized protocol for RFID tag identification

David Simplot‐Ryl, Ivan Stojmenovic, Aleksandar Micic, Amiya Nayak

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology for tracking objects that is expected to be widely adopted in very near future. A reader device sends probes to a set…

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