Sensor Review: Volume 26 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Biometrics

Guest Editors: Prof. Geert Molenberghs

Towards holistic chromatic intelligent monitoring of complex systems

A.G. Deakin, I. Rallis, J. Zhang, J.W. Spencer, G.R. Jones

To introduce chromatic methods and their application to monitoring complex systems.

Identity assurance and the protection of the civil infrastructure

Russell Ryan

Reviews current vulnerabilities of US civil infrastructure and how they might be addressed with identification/authentication technologies.

Image processing algorithms underpinning iris and facial recognition systems

Christine Connolly

To study the mathematical image coding approaches used in two types of biometric systems, and the physical nature of those biometrics.

High speed imaging in the visible and infrared

Christine Connolly

To present the specifications and the technologies underpinning some new high‐speed cameras, and explore their applications.

Performance testing of commercial biometric systems

Christine Connolly

Reports on the work of the National Physical Laboratory in evaluating commercial biometric authentification systems.

A robust automatic face recognition system for real‐time personal identification

Qin Li, King Hong Cheung, Jane You, Raymond Tong, Arthur Mak

Aims to develop an efficient and robust system for real‐time personal identification by automatic face recognition.

Polychromatic monitoring of complex biological systems

I. Rallis, L. Glomon, A.G. Deakin, J.W. Spencer, G.R. Jones

To illustrate the application of chromatic approaches to complexity with two illustrations each involving the interaction of two complex systems biological and polychromatic light.

Combination of different fingerprint systems: a case study FVC2004

Loris Nanni, Dario Maio

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the correlation among the best state of art algorithms for fingerprint verification presented at Fingerprint Verification…

Microfabrication influence on the behavior of capacitive type MEMS sensors and actuators

Muthukumaran Packirisamy

To predict the influence of inherent microfabrication and operating environmental influences on the performance of capacitive type sensors and actuators so that one can…

Review of iris recognition: cameras, systems, and their applications

Yingzi Eliza Du

To overview the iris cameras, iris recognition systems, and their applications.

Gamma radiation sensors arrays based on metal oxide thick films

Khalil Arshak, Olga Korostynska

Combination of a number of sensors with different response parameters into sensor arrays would enhance the overall performance of the radiation detection system. This…

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