Sensor Review: Volume 25 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Food Industry + Agriculture

Guest Editors: Dr Christine Connolly

Developments in biosensors – where are tomorrow's markets?

Robert Bogue

This paper discusses the size and structure of the global biosensor market which is presently dominated by medical applications.

Innovative date‐coding technique

Christine Connolly

Describes the properties and uses of a new colour‐change chemical for laser‐printing of human and machine‐readable data.

Machine vision developments at IPOT 2005

Christine Connolly

To draw attention to some recent developments in machine vision equipment.

NIR spectroscopy for foodstuff monitoring

Christine Connolly

To review the use of near‐infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in the process control of foodstuffs.

Photonic crystal development yields breakthrough in Raman spectroscopy

Robert Bogue

To describe a new substrate for use in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).

In situ calibration

Roger C. Baker, Pamela I. Moore, Tao Wang

To examine the possibilities for dry calibration or in situ calibration for flowmeters in the field.

Unusual vision – machine vision applications at the NCEA

John Billingsley, Mark Dunn

The paper draws together a range of somewhat unusual machine vision applications, with an integrating overview.

On‐the‐go active remote sensing for efficient crop nitrogen management

Daniel Inman, Raj Khosla, Ted Mayfield

To describe the function and use of the GreenSeeker™ active remote sensor used to detect crop nitrogen status.

Comparing electronic probes for volumetric water content of low‐density feathermoss

Pier P. Overduin, Kenji Yoshikawa, Douglas L. Kane, Jennifer W. Harden

Feathermoss is ubiquitous in the boreal forest and across various land‐cover types of the arctic and subarctic. A variety of affordable commercial sensors for soil…

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