Sensor Review: Volume 25 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Temperature and Flow Measurement

Fibre in the wind

Chris Emslie

To review the manufacture of specialty optical fibres used in sensors.Design/methodology/approach – Describes speciality optical fibres that use fibre Bragg gratings and…

The vision solution to direct part mark identification

Brian Rooks

To discuss the application of direct part marking identification (DPMI) using 2D matrix codes, the use of which is increasing in industries as diverse as automotive and…

Old and new at Automatica exhibition

Don Braggins

A review of selected vision exhibits and innovations at a new biennial international trade fair in Germany, which essentially replaces the traditional substantial vision…

Endevco Corporation

Robert W. Bogue

To provide corporate and technical details of the US‐based Endevco Corporation. This company is a leading manufacturer of sensors and systems for measuring vibration…

Liquid flow sensor for nano‐ and micro‐flow ranges

Joost Lötters

To present a new generation of liquid flow sensors that is capable of meeting the requirements as imposed by the life science, analysis, biotech and other markets…

UK start‐up poised to take the fibre optic sensor market by storm

Robert W. Bogue

To describe a new optical fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensor system, based on a novel time division multiplexing technique, which is being commercialised by UK start‐up…

Korean researchers break fibre optic sensor distance record

Robert W. Bogue

To describe a new technique, developed in Korea, which extends the operational length of fibre Bragg grating strain and temperature sensors to approximately 50 km. It is…

New optical airspeed sensor poised to cut airline costs

Robert W. Bogue

To describe a new laser‐based, optical airspeed sensor development project. Dubbed laser air speed sensor instrument (LASSI), the sensor aims to overcome certain…

Micromachined sensor design for optical‐fiber flow measurement

José Mireles

Owing to the technology growth, especially in Microsystems technology and Nanotechnology, new products will provide new ways to sense variables that are crucial for…

A primary standard piston prover for measurement of very small gas flows: an update

Giorgio Cignolo, Franco Alasia, Andrea Capelli, Roberto Goria, Gaetano La Piana

A prototype gas prover was constructed to serve as the Italian primary standard for gas flow rates in the range 0.1 ml/min to 2 l/min. The new prover is used to calibrate…

Reducing uncertainty in low flows for bench‐top wind tunnels

J.E. Hardy, T.E. McKnight

Bench‐top wind tunnels are used extensively by the US Air Force for calibrating anemometers. As anemometers have improved, the need for reduced uncertainties in the…

3D scanning by multiple fan beam X‐ray sources and sensors

Ralph Benjamin, Simant Prakoonwit

Computer tomography (CT) for 3D reconstruction entails a huge number of coplanar fan‐beam projections for each of a large number of 2D slice images, and excessive…

Review of luminescent based fibre optic temperature sensors

M. McSherry, C. Fitzpatrick, E. Lewis

There are various temperature measuring systems presented in the literature and on the market today. Over the past number of years a range of luminescent‐based optical…

Development of the orifice plate with a cone swirler flow conditioner

A. Ahmadi, S.B.M. Beck

The sensitivity of orifice plate metering to poorly conditioned and swirling flows are subjects of concerns to flow meter users and manufacturers. The distortions caused…

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