Sensor Review: Volume 24 Issue 4


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Machine vision in automotive manufacturing

Adil Shafi

The resolution capabilities of cameras, modern pattern recognition algorithms, and the physical capabilities of robots allow for the creation of machine vision solutions…

New instrument aims to measure appearance

Christine Connolly

A new instrument has been designed and built to measure the reflectance of light at continuously variable angles of incidence and reflection. The project aims to improve…

Optical inspection tools for the automotive industry

Christine Connolly

This paper deals with two aspects of optical inspection in the automotive industry: machine vision and colour measurement. Machine vision, by smart camera or by personal…

Boom time for LIBS technology

Robert W. Bogue

This paper describes recent developments in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and discusses emerging applications. These include military and security uses…

New on‐vehicle performance and emission monitoring system

Robert W. Bogue

This paper, describes a low cost, on‐vehicle performance and emission monitoring system, VPEMS, which was developed under the UK government's Faraday Partnership scheme…

Measuring the density of dingo teeth with machine vision

John Billingsley, Kerry Withers

Collaboration between a mechatronics engineer and a biologist resulted in an unlikely application of machine vision. To deduce the density of the porous teeth, the volume…

Bragg grating temperature sensors: modeling the effect of adhesion of polymeric coatings

Jinu Paul, Zhao Liping, Bryan Ngoi, Fang Zhong Ping

Polymeric coatings and packaging are often used to enhance the temperature sensitivity of fiber Bragg grating temperature sensors. The high thermal expansion coefficient…

Embedding and characterization of fiber‐optic and thin‐film sensors in metallic structures

Xiaochun Li, Wenliang Tang, Anastasios Golnas

It is often important to acquire information such as temperature and strain values from metallic tools and structures in situ. With embedded sensors, structures are…

Optical pyrometry for gas turbine aeroengines

Clive Kerr, Paul Ivey

Fundamentally, it is advantageous to operate an aeroengine's thermodynamic cycle at as high a turbine entry temperature as practical for the current metallurgical limits…

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