Sensor Review: Volume 23 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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UK researchers develop real‐time, optical diesel emission monitor

Robert W. Bogue, Robin Aspey

This article describes the development of a novel optical sensor, based on chromatic modulation, for characterising the particulate emissions from diesel engines, in situ

Biometric developments provide scientific farming techniques

Christine Connolly

This paper concerns the use of image processing techniques and biometric sensors to measure the growth rate of animals without disrupting their natural behaviour.

Little and large at Sensor 2003 Nuremberg

Don Braggins

A sampling of new and intriguing sensing devices shown at the biennial Sensor exhibition on Nuremberg in May. Devices seen ranged from acoustic arrays several metres…

US company launches first MEMS‐based IR detector array

Robert W. Bogue

Describes the world's first uncooled infrared array sensor based on micro electro‐mechanical systems technology. Each pixel comprises a cantilever which bends as it warms…

Biosensors for monitoring the environment

Robert W. Bogue

This paper considers the role of biosensors for monitoring the environment. A selection of existing products and competitive techniques such as biochemical assays and…

A process to control diaphragm thickness with a provision for back to front alignment in the fabrication of polysilicon piezoresistive pressure sensor

J. Akhtar, B.B. Dixit, B.D. Pant, V.P. Deshwal, B.C. Joshi

A MEMS process is described to control diaphragm thickness with an integrated provision for back to front alignment in the fabrication of a polysilicon piezoresistive…

Feasibility of a new sensor for water activity determination

G. Ferblantier, B. Sorli, F. Pascal‐Delannoy, A. Boyer

In this paper, we propose a new way for the determination of aw in fresh and salt meat. The principle is founded on the analysis of a small air volume inside the product…

Automatic recognition by gait: progress and prospects

Mark S. Nixon, John N. Carter, Michael G. Grant, Layla Gordon, James B. Hayfron‐Acquah

Recognising people by their gait is a biometric of increasing interest. Recently, analysis has progressed from evaluation by few techniques on small databases with…

A review of digital data acquisition hardware and software for a portable electronic nose

K. Arshak, G.M. Lyons, C. Cunniffe, J. Harris, S. Clifford

This paper discusses the digital hardware and software that is required for data acquisition in a portable electronic nose (e‐nose) system. A review of current e‐nose…

Morphological capacitive sensors for air bag applications

Jérôme Lucas, Christophe Batis, Stéphane Holé, Thierry Ditchi, Claude Launay, Joaquim Da Silva, Hervé Dirand, Laurent Chabert, Marc Pajon

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards No. 208 includes directives rendering the morphological estimation of passengers mandatory for advanced air bag systems. The…

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