Sensor Review: Volume 23 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Latest developments in machine vision – a review of image processing packages

Christine Connolly

This paper gives an overview of image processing software packages available in the market, their current capabilities and areas of development, and the skills required to…

Superfast image sensing and analysis from Hungary

Don Braggins

Hungarian researchers have developed vision systems based on image sensors with on‐chip analogue processors associated with each pixel of the sensor. Processing at speeds…

University spin‐off company launches novel structural stress monitoring system

Robert W. Bogue

This paper, describes the development and application of a wireless‐based stress monitoring system. Application areas include railway track and rolling stock monitoring as…

World's first permanent in‐well fibre Bragg grating sensors perform seismic surveys

Robert W. Bogue

This paper describes the use of fibre‐optics for seismic monitoring in oil wells. Based on fibre Bragg grating technology, the system can withstand temperatures of up to…

Image analysis based on Qualicision

Rudolf Felix

Qualicision is an original fuzzy‐logic‐based decision‐making software, which is easy to configure and easy to use. During the last few years, Qualicision principles have…

Advanced galvanometer‐based optical scanner design

Redmond P. Aylward

The closed loop galvanometer‐based optical scanners continues to be an advanced technology for the integration and enabling of a broader range of laser system applications…

Laser‐based imaging for reverse engineering

David Page, Andreas Koschan, Yiyong Sun, Mongi Abidi

In this paper, we explore the technical challenges to automatically generate computer‐aided design models of existing vehicle parts using laser range imaging techniques…

Front‐end signal conditioning used for resistance‐based sensors in electronic nose systems: a review

Khalil Arshak, Gerard Lyons, Leon Cavanagh, Seamus Clifford

The overall performance of an electronic nose system will depend on the individual performance of its constituent elements. Although often overlooked, it is clear that…

Advanced machine vision systems and application examples

Paul G. Ranky

According to a recent study by Active‐Media Research, USA, total sales in advanced vision systems, including vision‐guided mobile devices/robots are expected to soar from…

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