Sensor Review: Volume 23 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Developments in thermal imaging technology

Peter Dennis, Tim J. Phillips, Dave Huckridge

The ability to see in the dark is a key differentiator in many military scenarios and the development of thermal imaging (TI) systems has provided the military with a…

The fast moving world of terahertz technology

Robert W. Bogue

Discusses recent progress in technology based on electromagnetic radiation at terahertz frequencies. Considers recent corporate activities and describes technological…

Non‐contacting optical sensors for real‐time water quality monitoring

Robert W. Bogue

Describes the development of low cost optical sensor systems for water quality monitoring developed under the “LOADMON” EU research programme. It uses two laser diodes as…

Remote gas detection using ambient thermal infrared

Robert W. Bogue

Describes a passive, open‐path infrared gas detector that utilises thermal background radiation as the source. Explains its mode of operation, provides a specification and…

Fibre Bragg sensors used to measure gas temperature in an airship

Robert W. Bogue

Describes the use of a distributed optical temperature sensor, based on fibre Bragg grating technology, to monitor the temperature distribution of helium within a…

US company develops high sensitivity gas detector based on novel laser technology

Robert W. Bogue

Describes a unique optical source, the quantum cascade laser (QCL) and its application to gas detection. The instruments can detect both nitric oxide and carbon monoxide…

The contribution of thermoreflectance to high resolution thermal mapping

C. Filloy, G. Tessier, S. Holé, G. Jerosolimski, D. Fournier

Thermal phenomena that occur in operating integrated circuits can disturb their functioning and even cause failures. In order to prevent such dramatic issues, it is…

An entropy‐switched adaptive smoothing approach for time series data

D.J. Telfer, J.W. Spencer, G.R. Jones

This paper describes a method of removing noise from time series data records whilst preserving salient features of short duration, such as sharp transitions and…

Experimental investigation into low pressure gas discharges in microwave electric field optical sensor probes

C. Fitzpatrick, P. Mavromatidis, E. Lewis, J. Lucas, A. Al‐Shamma'a

This paper investigates the feasibility of using the emission intensity of low‐pressure argon and nitrogen gas discharges as the sensing mechanism for a microwave electric…

Thin films of (TeO2)1−x(In2O3)x as gamma radiation sensors

K. Arshak, O. Korostynska

Thin films of tellurium dioxide (TeO2) and indium oxide (In2O3) mixtures were investigated for γ‐radiation dosimetry purpose. Samples were fabricated using thermal vacuum…

Multi‐tip sparker for the generation of acoustic pulses

Wijnand R. Rutgers, Ivan de Jong

Sparkers can be used for the production of acoustic pulses as seismic source for sub‐bottom profiling in the sea. A multi‐tip (200‐800 tips) sparker has been developed…

Monitoring plasma jets containing micro particles with chromatic techniques

P.C. Russell, B.E. Djakov, R. Enikov, D.H. Oliver, Y. Wen, G.R. Jones

A description about the use of the chromatic methodology for monitoring an arc plasma jet utilised for heating micro particles for forming plasma sprayed coatings is…

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