Sensor Review: Volume 22 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Measurement systems for large aerospace components

M. Saadat, L. Cretin

This paper results from research carried out to survey the various large commercial aerospace engineering component measurement systems. The commercial aircraft…

Future proof signal conditioning

Brian Turner

Despite the rapid growth in the implementation of sophisticated software‐based control systems, today’s process industries still rely heavily on sensors and associated…

Advanced digital automobile sensor applications

Paul G. Ranky

The modern automotive consumer is demanding high quality, reliable, safe, lower cost, environmentally friendly and easier to use product. This requirement drives…

WindSonic – a new ultrasonic anemometer

Chris Stock

Describes the developments of a small, robust ultrasonic wind speed and direction indicator. Gill’s patented ultrasonic technology is based on the time‐of‐flight operating…

Flow conditioners design and their effects in reducing flow metering errors

A.K. Ouazzane, R. Benhadj

The sensitivity of differential‐pressure flow meters to the quality of the approaching flow continues to be a cause for concern to flow meter manufacturers and users…

Force/torque sensing applied to industrial robotic deburring

J. Norberto Pires, John Ramming, Stephen Rauch, Ricardo Araújo

Force/torque sensing is very important for several automatic and industrial robotic applications. Basically, if precise control of the forces that arise from contact…

A sensor for the sugar cane harvester topper

Stuart McCarthy, John Billingsley

A robust low cost refractometer has been developed together with signal conditioning algorithms to enable sucrose content to be measured during the mechanical harvesting…

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