Sensor Review: Volume 22 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Lighting for industrial inspection

Christine Connolly

This paper provides a review of commercially available lighting systems for industrial inspection applications, including the underlying technology and optical behaviour.

Advanced automotive sensors

Robert Bogue

Reports on a one‐day Institute of Physics seminar on new developments in automotive sensors for hostile environments. Provides details of the nine papers presented.

Machine vision guides the automotive industry

Anna Kochan

Outlines the factors causing the automotive industry to increase machine vision application, reviews new developments in vision technology that are targeted at expanding…

Matrix code reading comes to the fore at Manufacturing Week

Brian Rooks

An account of some of the machine vision systems on display at the 2001 Manufacturing Week exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham. A re‐occurring theme was 2D code…

LEDs: A flexible option for machine vision

Harlen Houghton

Describes the benefits that arise from the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for illumination in industrial machine vision systems. These include long life, stability…

Space and asparagus at photonics Boston 2001

Don Braggins

Reviews the two symposis making up the part of the 2001 Photonics Boston event – “Intelligent Systems and Advanced Manufacturing” and “Environmental and Industrial…

A novel low‐cost sensor for measuring cylinder pressure and improving performance of an internal combustion engine

Russell Sion, John Atkinson

A new sensor has been developed which will enable engine pressure data to be available at a cost suitable for the average production vehicle. Unlike many previous devices…

Automatic detection of traffic incidents using data obtained from sensors embedded in intelligent freeways

Hojjat Adeli

This paper reviews innovative research done during the past few years on automatic detection of traffic incidents by the author and his associates using data obtained from…

Development of a microcontroller‐based humidity sensing system

K. Arshak, K. Twomey, D. Heffernan

This paper documents the development of a microcontroller‐based humidity sensing system. The humidity sensors are manufactured by thin film technology from a novel…

Seeing in the mist: real time video enhancement

Mark J. Robinson, David W. Armitage, John P. Oakley

Degradation of images due to atmospheric scattering is a phenomenon that causes problems in a number of imaging applications. By using knowledge of the scene geometry and…

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