Sensor Review: Volume 22 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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MEMS fabrication

Michael Huff

Describes the key attributes of MEMS technology and existing and future business opportunities. Discusses the various stages in the fabrication of MEMS devices and offers…

Conference report ‐‐ sensors & their applications XI

Robert W. Bogue

Reviews the Institute of Physics conference “Sensors & their Applications XI”, held at City University, UK in September 2001. Highlights a selection of key papers covering…

Developments in advanced silicon etching techniques by STS Systems

Robert Bogue

Describes a novel dry etching technique, developed by STS Systems plc, based on a high‐density, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology, which enables the fabrication…

An imaging system with structured lighting for on‐line generic sensing of three‐dimensional objects

Q.M. Jonathan Wu, Min‐Fan Ricky Lee, Clarence W. de Silva

This paper focuses on the design of an inexpensive and accurate range scanner for automatic acquisition of a CAD model of a manufactured part by using two‐dimensional…

Universal transducer interface: specifications and applications

Xiujun Li, Frank M.L. van de Goes, Gerard C.M. Meijer, Rolf de Boer

This paper describes the typical specifications and features of a novel low‐cost and high‐performance universal transducer interface (UTI). The easy‐to‐use interface…

Development of a new sensor for total organic carbon (TOC) determination

Luigi Campanella, Tommaso Ferri, Maria Pia Sammartino, Paola Sangiorgio, Giovanni Visco

A sensor to determine TOC is described. It is based on the photoassisted degradation of organic compounds concurring to TOC and on the determination of the resultant CO2

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