Sensor Review: Volume 21 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Sensors in biomedical applications. May they change the quality of life?

Gábor Harsányi

Sensors have gained a wide theoretical interest and practical application in biomedicine. They can be used for very different purposes and may offer unique possibilities…

Biosensors: boldly going into the new millennium

J.D. Newman, L.J. Tigwell, P.J. Warner, A.P.F. Turner

Describes the basic principles of biosensors and the history of their development. Assesses their current impact and state of the biosensor market, and looks ahead to…

Fingerprint sensing and analysis

Don Braggins

Fingerprints have been used to identify people for 100 years, and as a form of authentication for almost two centuries. Today’s computer and communications oriented world…

Visual weld inspection enters the new millennium

Jeffrey Noruk

New weld inspection methods superceding visual inspection are presented. Laser‐based sensor technology contained in a handheld scanner for pre‐ and post‐weld inspection…

Low cost smart sensors using infrared detector arrays

Stephen Porter, Mike Mansi, Neil Sumpter, Lindsay Galloway

A low cost two dimensional pyroelectric array technology has been developed, together with advanced signal processing algorithms. This enables the availability of…

Transducers 2001/EUROSENSORS XV 10‐14 June 2001, Munich

Peter McGeehin

Reviews the Transducers 2001/EUROSENSORS XV conferences that were held in Munich, 10‐14 June 2001. Microengineering figured prominently in the programme, almost half the…

Application of molecularly imprinted polymers in sensors for the environment and biotechnology

Sergey A. Piletsky, S. Subrahmanyam, Anthony P.F. Turner

Molecular imprinting is a generic technology, which introduces recognition properties into synthetic polymers using appropriate templates. Over the last two decades…

Biosensors for glycaemic control

Peter U. Abel, Thomas von Woedtke

To overcome the problem of metabolic crashes as hypoglycaemic as well as hyperglycaemic episodes in diabetic patients the continuous or at least very frequent checking of…

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