Sensor Review: Volume 21 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Recent developments in self‐validating (SEVA) sensors

Manus Henry

This paper provides a brief overview of recent developments in the field of self‐validating (SEVA) sensors. The fundamentals of SEVA are described, using the example of a…

Advanced sensor technologies replace CMM touch probes

Sarah C. Cremer

Description of current 4DI three dimensional imaging system, a proprietary 3D vision sensing technology available from Intelligent Automation (IA), and introduction to the…

A broad beam Doppler speed sensor for automotive applications

Céline Corbrion, Thierry Ditchi, Stephane Holé, Eric Carreel, Jacques Lewiner

On‐board absolute speed sensors would be very useful in automotive applications in order to perform the measurement of the speed independently of the wheel rotation…

Micromachined accelerometer with microprocessor controlled self‐test procedure

S.P. Beeby, N.J. Grabham, N.M. White

This paper describes a self‐test procedure for a micromachined silicon accelerometer realized using a commercially available microprocessor. The accelerometer is…

Collective analogue computation in smart imaging sensors

Steve Collins

The understandable recent trend in sensor design has been to exploit the rapid advance in digital electronics to reduce reliance on analogue circuits. In contrast to this…

Pattern recognition with ultrasonic sensors: a neural networks evaluation

J.R. Llata, E.G. Sarabia, J.P. Oria

This paper presents an evaluation of several types of neural networks for object recognition by means of ultrasonic sensors. Initially, in order to obtain information from…

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