Sensor Review: Volume 20 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Imaging laser radar for 3‐D modelling of real world environments

C. Fröhlich, M. Mettenleiter, F. Härtl, G. Dalton, D. Hines

The paper presents design details and applications of the recently developed 3‐D laser radar from Z+F. It presents models which have been constructed using the data from…

Commodity tracing and DNA

Robert Sleat

A system that began with DNA tagging of oil cargoes has expanded to provide tracers for such diverse commodities as grain, silk, antiques, diamonds, high value documents…

New sensors for new machine vision applications

Antti Soini

Provides details of a variety of industrial inspection systems that received funding from the European Union’s HPCN‐TTN (High Performance Computing Network‐Technology…

Defect inspection in transparent materials

Vanessa Pratt, Jay Warner

Describes a machine vision system which can be used for the detection of defects in glass ribbon and plastic sheets. Uses a system of multiple line scan CCD cameras and…

Surface texture inspection using conventional techniques applied to a photometrically acquired bump map

M.L. Smith, A.R. Farooq, L.N. Smith, P.S. Midha

The paper presents a new approach to texture analysis. The need for a more formal definition of the term surface texture is first identified, and an appropriate texture…

Sensors for dynamic characterisation of magnetic storage systems

D.F.L Jenkins, W.W. Clegg, L. He, J. Windmill, G. Tunstall, X. Liu, C. Chilumbu, A. Li

The areal (surface area density of bits) storage density of magnetic hard disks is continually increasing, with typical available commercial storage densities being around…

Optical correlator for industrial applications, quality control and target tracking

Alain Bergeron

This paper describes a state‐of‐the‐art, commercially available optical correlator that has been used to perform industrial applications. The optical correlator can be…

A sensor investigation for a concrete hydro‐erosion robot

Denis Chamberlain

Concrete decay has become a major ongoing problem for the developed world, affecting all manner of structures. The purpose of the reported research is thus to advance the…

Micro‐module Peltier elaborated by flash technique and used as a humidity sensor

B. Sorli, A. Foucaran, A. Giani, F. Pascal‐Delannoy, A. Boyer

In this work an original humidity sensor is described. It is based on the study of Seebeck voltage evolution during the water evaporation of a micro‐module Peltier (MMP)…

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