Sensor Review: Volume 20 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Camera‐based colour inspection

J.H. Nobbs, C. Connolly

Camera‐based colour measurement systems have application where it is difficult to apply a contact instrument, or where the contact instrument, because of its fixed…

Illumination for machine vision

Don Braggins

Summarises the presentations made at the UK Industrial Vision Association’s annual general meeting in September 1999, Nottiungham, UK, entitled “Innovations in…

Integration of an optical roughness sensor with a co‐ordinate measuring machine

C. Bradley

An optical roughness sensor is described that is ideally suited for integration with a co‐ordinate measuring machine (CMM). The CMM provides an extremely stable platform…

Integrated microsystem for blue/ultraviolet detection

A. Pauchard, B. Furrer, Z. Randjelovic, A. Rochas, D. Manic, R.S. Popovic

A fully integrated sensor microsystem for blue/ultraviolet radiation detection is presented. The photosensitive part combines a blue/UV selective stripe‐shaped photodiode…

Pneumatic proximity‐to‐tactile imaging device

R. Benhadj, R.L. Roome

This paper describes the development and the performance characteristics of a pneumatic proximity‐to‐tactile sensing device for automated recognition of manufacturing…

A statistical approach to economical camera‐based colorimetric comparison

K.J. Brazier, P.C. Russell, G.R. Jones, I. Shankland

A system is described that uses a low‐cost off the shelf camera and computing components, along with software developed at the Centre for Intelligent Monitoring Systems…

Colour statistics of natural and man‐made surfaces

Stephen Westland, Julian Shaw, Huw Owens

The reflectance spectra of natural and man‐made surfaces are highly constrained. Statistical analyses have been conducted that confirm that the surface reflectance spectra…

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