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Surface geometry and texture measured together

A new instrument from Rank Taylor Hobson has met the challenge of measuring accurately both surface texture and conformance to a flat or circular arc profile. Immediate…

Rationalization in visual inspection : the task of the eighties

Klaus W. Melchior

The problem of automating visual inspection is considered along with the developments that are likely to occur.

Vision · research to practice

Vision is slowly emerging from the laboratory and loosing its ivory tower image. Systems such as that of Bosch, described here, originated in the research environment but…

Complete control systems using linear photodiode arrays

Linear photodiode arrays will have an increasingly important place in industrial inspection equipment, despite the glamour of cameras using matrix arrays, in the opinion…

Vision system separates gathering from processing

G.I. Robertson

The V‐1000 is an intelligent binary system from Control Automation Inc., which employs a novel hierarchical control to separate the functions of data gathering and data…

Application of pattern recognition and image processing

L. Vanderheydt, P. Vuylsteke, P. Jansen, A. Oosterlinck, H. Van den Berghe

The Pattern Recognition and Image Processing group of the Leuven University is engaged in medical as well as in industrial projects. This paper is Part I of an overview of…

Measuring in automated manufacturing processes

Developments in measuring systems which can be incorporated into automated manufacturing systems, seen recently in Milan, are reported by Jack Hollingum.

Automated visual inspection of bottles, jars and tumblers

B.G. Batchelor, B.K. Marlow

The automatic visual inspection of glassware is a challenging and potentially rewarding field of study. It is possible to detect a wide range of glassware defects and…

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