Sensor Review: Volume 2 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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The mill that makes millions making millionths

Fast‐growing tactile sensing company Renishaw Electric is at the sharp edge of advancing automation in metalcutting, but at the same time is developing a sub‐micron…

Towards a robust monitor for detecting toxic gases

T.A. Jones

Detection of toxic gases in an industrial environment is a growing problem. Laboratory analysis of samples involves delay, and the most suitable equipment would be…

A design approach to total sensory robot control

Ryosuke Masuda, Kensuke Hasegawa, Wei‐Ting Gong

Various types of sensors such as tactile, proximity and visual, have been developed to give robots flexibility and adaptability. It is argued that for complex tasks the…

Matching up to the servo needs of the robot industry

Starting life as a supplier of synchro and servo components to the military industry Moore Reed have in recent years increased their sales significantly to the commercial…

Welding sensor uses structured light and 2D photocell

Takao Bamba, Hisaichi Maruyama, Eiichi Ohno, Yasunori Shiga

Vision sensor for arc weld seam tracking uses a projected line of light scan from a high power infrared LED, which is detected by a two‐dimensional position‐sensitive…

Six legged walking robot has brains in its legs

J.J. Kessis, J. Penne, J.P. Rambant

Professor Kessis and his colleagues are developing a six‐legged walking robot using distributed control of leg movements.

Mechanising inspection leads to improved quality

Controlling the quality of products can lead to improved profitability. Many of the techniques associated with improving both of these aspects will be discussed at the…

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