Sensor Review: Volume 19 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Ultrasonic cure monitoring of advanced composites

David D. Shepard, Kim R. Smith

Measurements of the ultrasonic sound speed of thermosetting resins and composites can be used as an in‐process cure monitoring technique. Ultrasonic measurements have an…

Reliable monitoring for turning operations: force sensor with integrated electronics measures forces in three directions

Andreas Kirchheim, Markus Zanetti

To ensure the reliable monitoring of machining operations, e.g. by lathes, the forces generated during the metal removal process must be detected with the utmost…

A CTFM acoustic spatial sensing technology: its use by blind persons and robots

Leslie Kay

A binaural sonar sensor for blind persons which models the bat sonar is described. System performance with field plots are presented along with signal analysis on objects…

Recognising leafy plants with in‐air sonar

Phillip John McKerrow, Neil Lindsay Harper

Continuous Transmission Frequency Modulated (CTFM) ultrasonic sensors can be used to recognise plants. The echo from a plant is modelled as an acoustic density profile…

A review of the alternating current field measurement inspection technique

Alan Raine, Martin Lugg

This paper describes the principles of the a.c. field measurement technique, a non‐contacting electromagnetic method of crack detection and sizing in metals. The…

Real time mobile robot sonar with interference rejection

Lindsay Kleeman

A new approach to rejecting interference between sonar systems is presented in this paper. The approach is based on identifying a transmitter by sending a double pulse…

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