Sensor Review: Volume 19 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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The valve may be dead but it won’t lie down

Gareth J. Monkman

Discusses the demise of the thermeonic valve and the firm establishment of the transistor as the major active component in electronic circuits.

Video cameras: CMOS technology provides on‐chip processing

Marc Loinaz, Bryan Ackland

Compares the relative merits of CCD and CMOS based video cameras. Describes the design and fabrication of CMOS sensors which include considerable hardware computational…

They’ve got the measure of you

Jack Hollingum

Biometrics, the use of various means to identify, or verify the identity of, individuals can be a valuable aid wherever there is a need to control access, whether to a…

Micromachine update from Japan

Yoshihiro Kusuda

This article reports on the 4th International Micromachine Symposium and Exhibition Micromachine (1998) which were held in Tokyo, 28‐30 October 1998 and also serves as a…

Miniature sensors using high density screen printing

Chris Robertson, R.D. Shipton, D.R. Gray

Screen printing is a traditional low cost technique for production of electronic circuitry. Conventionally, screen printing is capable of no smaller than 200‐250 micron…

Micro sensor developments in Japan

Kazuhiro Tsuruta, Yoshikazu Mikuriya, Yuichi Ishikawa

This paper describes some aspects of micro sensors developed as part of the micromachine project in Japan. This national R&D project, industrial science and technology…

Micromachined gyroscopic sensors

Rob Yates

Many new micromachined angular rate sensors (gyroscopes) are now commercially available. Their rapid development has been mainly due to the automotive industry. A wide…

Applications of microporous membranes in sensor technology

Peter Ball

Analyses some of the main ways in which microporous membranes can play a role in the efficient functioning of sensors. These devices are used to detect a property of, or…

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