Sensor Review: Volume 18 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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A new six degrees of freedom position sensor greatly improves flexible manufacturing ‐ but will manufacturers adapt?

Charles S. Vann

Claims that manufacturing industry needs better multi‐dimensional position sensors to keep pace with increased speed and capabilities of automated equipment and robots…

Optical metrology in manufacturing automation

Richard Gooch

Optical measurement sensors are increasingly available, often finding application in measurement and inspection of manufactured products. For example, theodolites and…

Vision applications emerge at Manufacturing Week

Brian Rooks

A report on some industrial applications of vision systems at the Manufacturing Week exhibition. Describes installations of one type of system at a disk drive manufacturer…

Reverse engineering using laser metrology

Graham Dalton

Claims recent advances in laser‐based camera technology and 3D analysis software have made production of 3D CAD models from range images a practical proposition. Laser…

New technology for subsea laser imaging and ranging system for inspection and mapping

Paul M. Evans, John O. Klepsvik, Morten L. Bjarnar

Laser imaging and ranging systems offer 3‐D imaging of video quality at distances four to five times greater than conventional video and photographic systems. The Spotmap…

Conoscopic probes are set to transform industrial metrology

Gabriel Sirat, Freddy Paz

Reports on developments at Optimet in the R&D Group, where a novel distance probe performs high accuracy distance measurement over broad length scales. Considers applications.

Application of broadband radar to volumetric sensing and distance measurement

Hugh Burchett, Miles Upton

States that broadband radar is a relatively recent technology which is finding many new applications such as sensing the position and movement of objects in and around…

The application of reverse engineering in rapid product development

Colin Bradley

The process of capturing object form through surface data sampling and generating a CAD model of the part is termed reverse engineering because the process is the opposite…

A stereovision system for underwater, remotely operated vehicles

D. Maddalena, M. Zampato, M. Favaretto

In the paper, “TV‐trackmeter”, a stereoscopic measuring system developed by Tecnomare, is presented, some recent innovations and upgrading are described, and its reliable…

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