Sensor Review: Volume 18 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Optical fibre sensing for intelligent monitoring

Gordon R. Jones

Optical sensors already form important elements of optical fibre based transducers for measuring a wide range of parameters. This viewpoint emphasises the major potential…

Intrinsic optical fibre current sensors

Alan J. Rogers

Passive optical‐fibre current measurement devices offer technical and economic advantages for power‐system use. Methods which have been examined for implementing such…

From imaging to knowledge

Jack Hollingum

This article summarises some of the presentations at a recent conference on the emerging technology of intelligent imaging.

VisionSensor™ ‐ a unique solution to particle size distribution analysis

Bo T. Jakobsen

Vision technology is gaining more and more acknowledgement in the process industry as an effective way for a company to ensure high quality of production. After an…

Optical pressure and temperature sensors for aerospace applications

Robert A. Pinnock

This paper gives a brief overview of requirements within the aerospace market sector for which optical sensors are of potential benefit, and goes on to describe sensors…

Optical fibre Bragg gratings: a new sensor multiplexing tool

Vincent A. Handerek

Optical fibre multiplexed sensors are used to make measurements at multiple, discrete locations, usually by sending optical signals between each measurement location and a…

Optical fibre sensing for intelligent monitoring using chromatic methodologies

P.C. Russell, J.W. Spencer, G.R. Jones

A brief description is given of chromatic optical fibre sensing with particular reference to the monitoring of semiconductor plasma processing. Via this particular example…

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