Sensor Review: Volume 17 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Exciting times for DSP

N.B. Jones

Reviews the impact of digital signal processing (DSP) on our everyday lives, and the potential for further development.

Digital signal processing

Andy McFarlane

Reviews the underlying principles of digital signal processing (DSP) with little recourse to mathematics. Aims to encourage experimentation to obtain a feel for the…

A digital data recording and playback system

Peter Blake

Describes a complex, high capacity, high speed digital data recording and playback system using four embedded processors running a mixture of LynxOS and task‐specific…

Instrument calibration ‐ a guide through the maze

Mick Hall

Defines Certificates of Conformance, Calibration Certificates, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and National Accreditation for Measurement and Sampling (NAMAS)…

Vision arrives at Manufacturing Week

Brian W. Rooks

Reviews vision systems exhibited at the Manufacturing Week Exhibition held in the NEC, Birmingham. Highlights systems that exemplify the trend towards standardized…

Application of wavelets in Doppler ultrasound

P.I.J. Keeton, F.S. Schlindwein

Provides an introduction into wavelets and illustrates their application with two examples. The wavelet transform provides the analyst with a scaleable time‐frequency…

An introduction to time‐frequency signal analysis

Zhiyue Lin

Provides an introduction to the field of time‐frequency analysis by reviewing four important and popular used time‐frequency analysis methods with focus on the principles…

Fully digital alias‐free processing of sensor signals in a substantially enlarged frequency range

Ivars Bilinskis, Gerald Cain

Addresses the problem of full digital processing of sensor signals at frequencies in the microwave and radio frequency range. Discusses advantages and drawbacks of the…

Neural networks: friends or foes?

Stephen J. Roberts, Will Penny

There has been enormous interest over the past decade in the use of artificial neural networks (ANNs) for data processing applications. By and large, this interest has…

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