Sensor Review: Volume 16 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Intelligent cameras

Larry Shapiro

Argues that while vision sensors have become increasingly popular in a variety of industrial application areas, typical machine vision systems have, until now, been…

Laser and electro‐optic based sensors

Bridget Marx

Looks at complex applications for lasers, optics and electro‐optics, including use in areas such as inspection and measurement. Features ESPI (electronic speckle pattern…

Creating the right image

Don Braggins

Explains the implications of available options in solid state imaging sensors. Focuses on features of different types of imaging sensor, citing the most general division…

Industrial infrared sensors

Gareth Monkman

Looks at the use of infrared sensors, noting that they fall into the two basic groups of quantum and thermal devices. Focuses on quantum devices and their further…

Ultrasonic sensors and arc welding – a noisy mix

Teodiano Freire Bastos, L. Calderón, J.M. Martín, R. Ceres

Evaluates the applicability of ultrasonic sensors in a welding environment and reports on experimental measurements carried out with a sensory head containing ultrasonic…

Non‐contact optical displacement sensing

Paul A. Slazas

Looks at the use of non‐contact displacement and vibration sensors and notes their value for difficult sensing measurements. Mentions various situations which may dictate…

Methane and carbon dioxide detection using LED sources

Allen Mabbitt, Andrew Parker

Notes the advantages of the use of LED sources in the detection of flammable gases, suggesting they contribute towards factors such as high sensitivity and low power…


Alan Flook

Since the term was first coined in 1977, fractals seem to have pervaded every branch of science. Attempts to explain what fractals are and what they are being used for…

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