Sensor Review: Volume 16 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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From micro‐ to nano‐machining – towards the nanometre era

Pat McKeown

Manufacturing industry worldwide is at a turning point in seeking greater competitiveness. High precision manufacturing offers better quality and reliability for…

Fabrication technology for microengineering

R.A. Lawes

Reviews some of the more important technologies used for fabricating microcomponents and systems – bulk silicon micromachining, surface micromachining and LIGA, a process…

Resonance: picking up good vibrations

Steve Beeby

Resonant sensing is a high performance technique suitable for a wide range of applications. Defines the principles of resonant sensing and describes the various…


München: pH and SAW

Gareth Monkman

Surveys the research being carried out in the field of chemical and biosensor technology by the network of Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. Specifically looks at pH…


Intelligent structures

F. Yalcinkaya, E.T. Powner

Reviews intelligent structures through surface‐ and bulk‐micromachining. Examines the merits of these techniques and their past, present and future applications to…


Sensor research at the French Atomic Energy Commission

Anna Kochan

Highlights some of the projects being carried out by the Leti, a laboratory within the French Atomic Energy Commission. Specifically looks at the development of a…

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