Sensor Review: Volume 16 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Vibrating structure gyroscopes

Caroline Langmaid

Research and development of solid state gyroscopes has been, for a long time, ongoing within British Aerospace (Systems & Equipment) Ltd, (BASE). BASE, in order to be a…

Universal sensor interface chip (USIC): specification and applications outline

P.D. Wilson, R.S. Spraggs, S.P. Hopkins

The universal sensor interface chip (USIC) represents a complete signal processing capability for data acquisition systems designed to support a wide range of sensor…

Where there’s muck there’s (funny) money – and a sensor or two

Don Braggins

Recycling plastic presents two problems which, if not solved, yield recycled material of poor mechanical properties and the same drab colour. Plastics must be sorted by…

Fast traffic at 28th ISATA

Gareth J. Monkman

Reviews the 28th International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation (ISATA), which was in six parts, covering most management and technology relevant areas to…

Automatic vision for dimensional measurement

Reimund Schmald

A new off‐line measuring technique using standard video and PC technology has been described. The image of the object to be qualified or measured is illuminated…

Fibre‐optic gyroscopes: a new sensor for robotics and autonomous vehicles

Michael Reunert, Bob Yoshida

Gyroscopes are simply devices which measure rotation. For robotic applications the gyro output can be used to determine rotation rate, altitude or heading and can be…

Structured light tracks seams

Bojko Vodanovic

Describes a rugged, high speed structured laser light triangulation‐based vision‐type sensor, with real‐time image processor, along with some actual applications. High…

Position and orientation sensing in virtual environments

Robert J. Stone

Looks at changes in the human‐computer interface, particularly in the field of using computers for applications which require an accurate registration from an input device…

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