Sensor Review: Volume 15 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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High speed print registration and colour quality control

P D King, T C West

Changes in the consumer market have resulted in many companiesallocating considerable resources to their logos and trademarks with asubsequent need for high quality…


Sound, heat and light: photoacoustic and photothermal detection of gases

Oscar Oehler

Describes some of the current research into infrared spectroscopic gasdetection, outlining the need to produce a low cost device, whilst fulfillingthe required properties…


Sun shines on 3‐D vision sensor

A Bensrhair, P Miche, R Debrie

Describes current research work into the design of a 3‐D visionsensor for use in the field of robot navigation and autonomous vehicles.Outlines the development of a stereo…

Policing waterways for hydrocarbons

G Roscoe, E W Cookson

Describes the various sensing techniques that can be employed to monitorhydrocarbons in water, which can be applied to continuous organic monitoringas well as the…

Blowing in the wind: Atmospheric pollutant monitoring

David Coe

Describes the various systems which have been developed for monitoringgaseous emissions from industrial chimney stacks and flues. Comparesextractive and non‐extractive…

The world’s first automated laboratory comes on line

Tony Evans

Reports on the opening, in May 1995, of North West Water’s new watertesting laboratory in Warrington. It is the first automated laboratory in theworld, with 85 per cent of…

Intelligent sensors: structure and system

E.T. Powner, F. Yalcinkaya

Outlines the current research work on intelligent sensors andintelligent transducers which will be required in complex systems. Discussesthe elements of an intelligent…

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