Sensor Review: Volume 15 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Recent developments in image capture for machine vision

Don Braggins

Describes developments in cameras for machine vision, outlining thelimitations of cameras designed for television purposes and going on to lookat linear array and…

Honeywell gets smart

Douglas Norris

Describes Honeywell’s multi layer fieldbus system Smart DistributedSystem (SDS) and applications in various industries. Discusses benefits suchas increased operating…

Space variant imaging

F Ferrari, J Nielsen, P Questa, G Sandini

Outlines the work of the Interactive Image Based Device for EffectiveCommunication project [IBIDEM] in its aim of developing a video phone usefulfor lip‐reading by…

Nanotechnology update

G Wittenberg

Gives a brief description of nanotechnology and outlines variouson‐going nanotechnology projects in the UK and USA.

Optimaster robot guidance system

Ola Wallster

Describes a camera‐based sensor system used for robot guidancesystems for application in areas such as small‐batch parts handling,high‐precision assembly and 3D assembly…

Towards a breakthrough in the detection of contaminants in food products

D Patel, E R Davies, I Hannah

Outlines research work [by the Machine Vision Group at Royal Holloway]into an x‐ray inspection system able to detect contaminants inpackaged food products. Describes the…

Surface finish scatters the light

Brian J Griffiths, Bruce A Wilkie, Russell H Middleton

Outlines research work into the assessment of light‐scatteringtechniques for manufactured surfaces inspection. Describes the three type ofcommercial sensors that have been…

Smart guns

Cheryl Pellerin

Outlines a research project on smart guns: weapons that can only befired by someone recognized as an authorized user. Technologies underresearch include electronic tags…

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