Sensor Review: Volume 14 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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The eyes have it

Melvin Womack

Describes a biometric security system, the EyeDentify retinal scanner,which works by mapping the vascular pattern on the retinal portion of theeyeball, using a specially…

Ultrasonics—temperature shapes the envelope

Eduardo Caicedo Bravo, T Friere Bastos, J M Martin, L Calderdon, R Ceres

Analyses the effects of temperature on the behaviour of ultrasonicsensors applied to object recognition. Describes the measurement systememployed, the environmental…

Sensors employed in plant science research

Roy Newman

Outlines the use of sensors employed in plant research for measuringvarious biophysical activities, in particular photosynthesis. Describes howan infrared gas analyzer…

The “electronic nose” using conducting polymer sensors

D Hodgins

Outlines the development of an electronic nose for general applicationand examines it’s three major parts: a sensor array, a means of converting the sensor outputs into…

Board assembly system uses vision

Andy Kellard

Describes a semi‐automated electronic board assembly station withcut‐and‐clinch technology. Examines the system’s optical correction facility which can correct for…

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