Sensor Review: Volume 14 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Gas sensors

Ray Kocache

Summarizes some of the most commonly used gas sensors and describes howeach one works. Covers solid state gas sensors; aqueous electrochemicalgas sensors; paramagnetic gas…

Self‐diagnostic solid state gas sensors

P McGeehin, P T Moseley, D E Williams

Describes research into methods for treating solid state gas sensors tocreate a multisensor system with both multi‐gas analysis andself‐diagnostic capabilities. Outlines…

The stannic oxide gas sensor

J. Watson

Outlines the characteristics and applications of the stannic oxidesensor. Describes the manufacturing process and properties of stannic oxideand concludes that with modern…

Probes for high precision dimensional measurement

C Butler

Looks at work carried out by The Centre for Manufacturing Metrology atBrunel University into developing new probes for high precision dimensionalmeasurement. Describes the…

Silicon integrated optics and sensor applications

Andrew G Rickman

A review of integrated optical circuit technologies [OIC] and theirrelevance to potential OIC sensor application. Describes the manufacture ofOICs and the varied range of…

Electrochemical sensors a modern success story for an old idea

J Gilby

Looks at modern electrochemical gas sensors: they way they workand the range of gases they can detect. The largest application area is inportable gas detection equipment…

A new age gas meter

Simmy Grewal

Looks at the development of a new ultrasonic meter for the gas supplyindustry and explaining the transit time measurement principle on which itworks and the performance…

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