Sensor Review: Volume 13 Issue 3


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Loadcell Accuracy in Process Weighing – A Confusion of Terms

Peter Zecchin

Strain gauge loadcells have been used for many years to measure the contents weight of tanks, hoppers and the many various specialist processing vessels found in…

The Kilogram Mass Standard

Simmy Grewal

The place where I work in Sydney is the site of the National Measurement Laboratory (NML) of Australia. The function of the Laboratory is to develop technologies for high…

Digital Probe

Julian Shaw

The linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) has been at the heart of electronic gauging systems for many years. The fundamental simplicity of the LVDT has made it…

Vision Aids Rapid Prototyping

Jack Hollingum

Image processing in support of rapid prototyping was one of the minor features of the Hanover Industry Fair in April 1993, where much of the vision sensing innovation was…

Three‐dimensional Gauging via Sensor Fusion

Joseph J. Tavormina, Shawn Buckley

Manufacturers are now driving towards the increased use of automation and the goal of zero‐defects. As quality is improved and defect rates approach the popularized…

Imaging Pneumatic Proximity‐to‐tactile Sensing

R. Benhadj, B. Dawson, M.M.A. Safa

The mainstream of current research work in array tactile sensors concentrates on using a soft compliant membrane as a means of transmitting the effect of variable external…

“Tap and Listen” on the Tiles

A. Kochan

The “tap‐and‐listen” method of detecting internal cracks in earthenware roofing tiles has been automated on the production line of French manufacturer IRB/TBL. The company…

Negacoax — Sensing the Hot Spots

J.P. Curdy

New from Philips Thermocoax Division is a mineral insulated cable, Negacoax — an overheating and fire sensing device. Designed for the continuous detection, control and…

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