Sensor Review: Volume 13 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Innovative Developments in Smart Sensors

Terry Edwards

Sensors and transducers form the “front‐ends”, without which many modern electronic systems could not function. Such components are implemented extensively in industrial…

Reconfigurable Vision Inspects Food Decoration: An Automated Vision System for On‐line Inspection of a Multi‐product Food‐processing Line

Tim Loker

The project, funded as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food LINK scheme, has been carried out as a joint venture between Vision Dynamics Ltd, an…

Trainable Systems Inspect Food Products

Mark Fullstone

Various types of sensors have been widely used for a number of years within the food industry for detecting positions of bottles, caps, fill levels and many other…

Watsonlinc™ — Innovation in Flux

Mike Watson

Cable clamp ammeters have long been used to read current in single wires and unbalanced currents in twin cables and the like. When reading around a twin cable, a twin and…

Ultrasonic Emulsion Analyser

Malcolm J.W. Povey

In the food, drink, and pharmaceutical industries, ultrasonic sensors have advantages over many existing devices. They are capable of rapid, precise measurements and can…

Vision Tips the Scales for Robofish

N. Gouvianakis, M. Loupis, B. Dimitriadis

Vision‐based intelligent automation systems have been slow in finding a way to the food industry, mainly due to the conservative nature of the food processing industrial…

Imagine — A 3‐D Vision System

R. Fisher, E. Trucco, A. Fitzgibbon, M. Waite, M. Orr

Range data have become increasingly popular in recent years. Range sensors can acquire shape directly, thus avoiding the difficulties of methods using multiple intensity…

3‐D Tactile Image Display

G.J. Monkman

Much of the work on teleoperation has concentrated on active force and torque feedback between the slave device carrying out the required physical function and the master…

Non‐contact Speed and Length Measurement

Mark Hargreaves

Datron Messtechnik has been involved with non‐contact sensing for some 20 years ever since the technology was initially devised to measure the speed of molten steel. The…

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