Sensor Review: Volume 13 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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The OCR Dream

David Nangle

For many years the philosophy of machines reading data from paper into computers, known as Optical Character Recognition or OCR, has been regarded by the unenlightened as…

IBM France Pioneers Applications of Neural Networks

Anna Kochan

Few industrial applications of neural networks are yet in operation. One company making exceptional progress, however, is IBM France whose team of specialists are…

Allen‐Bradley: Factories Which Read

John Mackrory

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a vital tool for the food and pharmaceutical industries, allowing them to inspect for correct labelling and thereby conforming to…

OCR Using the Memory Network Classifier

David J.M. Elliott

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system described in this article was developed for an application in a major high street bank requiring the high speed reading of…

A Versatile Ultrasonic Ranging System

Canhui Cai, P.P.L. Regtien

Pulse‐echo methods as used for distance measurements are generally based on the determination of the time of flight between a transmitted pulse and its echo. It is quite…

Applications of Laser Radar: Laser Radar Applications Range from Shipbuilding to Martian Surface Profiling

Heikki Ailisto, Juha Kostamovaara, Ilkka Moring, Risto Myllylä

Optoelectronic distance measurement devices are applied in various tasks in industry, land surveying, mining, military use, etc. The main methods employed are phase…

Sensory Systems for Robot Control: Conference Report

Günter Wittenberg

A symposium on this subject was held at the New Connaught Rooms in London on 21 October 1992. Twelve papers were presented and about 30 delegates attended. All but one of…

New Scope for Sensors in Safety and Health Care

Jack Hollingum

A UK market of about £295 million over the next five years for advanced sensors and instruments in health and safety is envisaged in a new report commissioned by the…

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