Sensor Review: Volume 10 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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An integrated approach to vision and control

Joe Morris

‘Off the shelf’ or ‘custom development’? Adept Technology takes a middle course for integrating inspection and control.

OCR aids robotic assembly

Kapul Gill

An optical character recognition system is helping with the automatic assembly of automotive parts at Rover's Longbridge plant.

Achieving sub‐pixel precision

Don Braggins

New visual inspection techniques overcome the Nyquist limit to provide high precision measurement of component positions.

Tutorial: silicon micro‐machining

Paul Wilson

This extract from a recent survey of micro‐machining in the USA outlines the techniques and difficulties of this ‘upwardly mobile’ technology.

Sound design is key to underwater inspection

Marcus Cardew

Designing a compact navigation sonar system for remote controlled underwater vehicles can be a real challenge.

Doppler sonar technology comes of age

Viv Hughes, Jon Sawyer

The problem of fast and accurate positioning relative to the sea floor can be solved using the Doppler shift of high frequency acoustic signals.

Wireless infrared thermometry

T. Beynon

A ‘no‐wire’ infrared thermometer from Land Infrared has been designed for use in ‘unsafe’ environments.

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