Sensor Review: Volume 10 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Tutorial: colour and colour measurement

Clive Loughlin

Colour is frequently taken for granted, but what do we mean by ‘colour’?

Sensor research ‐ ripe for exploitation

Sensor survey highlights centres of excellence in the UK.

Sensor space finds unknown errors

Klaus Selke

Multi‐dimensional sensor information space enables a system to detect and handle previously unknown errors.

Clinching inspection of electronic circuit boards

Norman Jolliffe

IRI describe techniques that they use for the inspection of populated electronic circuit boards. These require far more than simple ‘golden board’ comparisons.

Field distortions highlight product defects

Shawn Buckley

Objects can be inspected by measuring the way in which they distort acoustic, inductive, capacitive and microwave fields.

Automatic inspection of glass

Francis B. Slabodsky

Established techniques for glass inspection come underpressure as production rates and quality requirements increase.

X‐rays give in‐depth inspection

Richard Parmee

The use of X‐rays for inspecting baggage and weld quality is well known, however, recent food contamination scares have put the spotlight on new and ever more demanding…

Vision surveys — value for money?

Clive Loughlin

Two complimentary vision surveys are reviewed, one aimed at suppliers and the other at potential users of vision equipment.

Micromice find ways to a maze

John Billingsley

The intelligent interpretation of simple sensor data enables Micromice to find their way around complex mazes.

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