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The international journal of sensing for industry

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A service to industry in non‐contact inspection

For 25 years G V Planer have been applying advanced scientific techniques to industry. Its latest ventures are into thermal imaging and optoelectronic range finding.

Leapfrogging the opposition into second generation robotics

Eighteen months ago the Science Research Council announced its robotics initiative. The programme is now well launched with many promising academic‐industry partnerships…

Britain scores in easier man‐machine communication

A real‐time speech recognition system using spectral pattern matching techniques has been developed by Logica based on original work by the UK government's Joint Speech…

Sight is the key to solving problems in industrial inspection and robotics

Lothar Rossol

There are still many barriers to the industrial use of vision. One company attempting to overcome the barriers is General Motors. They have developed several practical…

The breakaway group which is bidding for a share of the robot vision market

A new private British company has entered the arena to provide software and hardware for industrial firms seeking to apply vision.

A self adapting low cost sonair for use on mobile robots

S. Mouchaud, H. Merguen, B. Lemaire

Developing general purpose mobile robots is very much dependent on the availability of suitable sensors. A common choice by researchers is ultrasonics and work at the…

Sensory gripping system: The software and hardware aspects

P.M. Taylor, G.E. Taylor, D.R. Kemp, J. Stein, A. Pugh

Simple and cost‐effective sensors can increase the industrial applicability of robots. At Hull University software has been developed which is common to all types of…

A modular approach to sensor system architecture

Sasa Presern

Sensing systems with microprocessor control have to be divided into several levels of sensing system architecture. Here a sensing system based on transit and state…

Removing surface defects from brass die castings

D. Graham, J.R. Woodwork

Automatic polishing of brass die castings presents problems which are common to many robotic investigations. Walker Crosweller Ltd. have given Bath University's School of…

Don't look to Japan for advanced sensing techniques

The 11th International Symposium on Industrial Robots took place in Tokyo during October. This report looks at some of the presentations on sensing given in the Symposium…

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