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Real‐time holography shows up the flaws and stresses

A Swiss research institute has developed an on‐line technique of speckle interferometry with which it is possible to examine flaws in components and study the stresses…

Defining shapes with a fast image processing algorithm

C. Bourdeau, M. Briot, J.M. Pons, J.C. Talou

With future robotic systems likely to hinge in part on the quality of their associated video image processing, a system has been evolved in which interior and exterior…

Vehicle guidance by automated scene analysis

L. Norton‐Warne, D. Guentri

Automatic guided vehicles normally require some form of fixed guidance. But in work being performed at City University guidance will be by using machine processed visual…

Digital analysis system for automation and measurement

J.P. Foith, C. Eisenbarth, E. Enderle

The digital analysis system SAM (sensorsystem for automation and measurement) is suitable for inspection, workpiece handling, assembly and process control. Unlike other…

Video rate recognition of plane objects

P. Vuylsteke, P. Defraeye, J. Van Daele, A. Oosterlinck, H. Van den Berghe

Recognition of plane objects can be achieved by calculating the area and first and second moments of the object. In the work described a hardwired videoprocessor linked to…

Using a tactile sensor to guide a robotic welding machine

John G. Bollinger

Programming a multi‐axis robotic device to follow complex contours can be difficult and time consuming. A United States University working with the automotive division of…

Robotic image analysis: development systems that solve industrial problems

Image analysis once thought of as an ivory tower activity is being exploited by some of the commercial software houses. Ata recent SERC seminar two companies, Logica and…

Using the television image to measure size and position

Richard Baker

Hard‐wired analysers can extract position and dimension information from closed circuit television camera images, leading to the automation of both laboratory and…

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