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Join the club and spread the word through industry

A club comprising eight UK firms has been formed to further the development of speech recognition with the aim of commercialising the technology developed at the National…

Intelligent vision for industrial control

A.H. Longford

Today robots can be given a complete optical system with lenses, image sensors, multiplexing systems and computer. All of these are in minimal size and avoid the mainframe…

The multi‐sensors which help a mobile robot find its place

M. Briot, J.C. Talou, G. Bauzil

A comprehensive multi‐sensor system using three‐dimensional vision, a laser range‐finder, an ultrasonic proximity sensor, and an infra‐red radar for position location…

Image scanners: The eyes of tomorrow's machines

Ian Clark

Linescan cameras, commonly used for simple gauging and inspection applications, now with the advent of the microprocessor, have powers of rudimentary intelligence such…

How voice and laser can raise distribution efficiency

Tsutomu Abe, Jun Suzuki

One of Japan's largest distribution centres has introduced an automatic sorting system using voice input. The workforce has been halved.

Picking parts from a bowl feeder with image sensing

John Hartley

A universal system for supplying components from a bowl feeder to an assembly line or directly into sub‐assemblies has been developed by Skinko Engineering

Automated factories of the future are not castles in the air

This year's AUTOFACT WEST moved to California where, through its close attention to assembly, vision and tactile sensing, the exhibition and conference reflected advanced…

Looking to sensing to restore a tarnished productivity image

At a time when there is a seeming influx of imports the US is turning increasingly to the exploitation of its advanced technology and manufacturing research. One key area…

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