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Editorial: An Expedition into Architecture and Urbanism of the Global South

Ashraf M. Salama, David Grierson

The nations of Africa, Central and Latin America, and most of Asia are collectively known as the Global South, which includes practically 157 of a total of 184 recognized states…

Towards Socially Integrated Housing in Chile: Assessing Conviviality Through Two Key Housing Projects

Beatriz C. Maturana, Ralph Horne

Social integration is an important goal of contemporary urban policy in Chile. Using the concept of conviviality understood as the “art of living in community” (Esteva, 2012)…

From Compound Houses to Villas: The Incremental Transformation of Dakar’s Urban Landscape

Emilie Pinard

This paper examines the transformation of the housing typology in informal neighbourhoods located on the periphery of Dakar, Senegal. More specifically, it documents the spatial…

Measuring Liveability by Exploring Urban Qualities of Kissy Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Fodei M. Conteh, Derya Oktay

With increasing urbanisation in developing countries and the concomitant overcrowding on streets, serious questions remain about the liveability of inner-city…


Wounded Spaces: When Planning Degraded Cairo’s Urban Memory

Gehan Selim

This paper examines the position of planning practices operated under precise guidelines for displaying modernity. Cultivating the spatial qualities of Cairo since the 1970s has…

The Abject Dream of Neo-Capital: Capitalist Urbanism, Architecture and Endangered Live-Ability of the Middle East’s Modern Cities

M. Gamal Abdelmonem

This paper interrogates the notion of “New Capital” in the context of the hegemony of neoliberal urbanism in the Arabcities in the Middle East from historical, socioeconomic, and…

Measuring the Potential for Ecological Citizenship Among Residents in Famagusta, North Cyprus

Buket Asilsoy, Derya Oktay

The significance of ecological citizenship for the sustainable urbanism discourse has been highly recognised in recent years. Targeting to adopt ecological citizenship as a…

The Role of Mega Projects in Redefining Housing Development in Gulf Cities

Florian Wiedmann, Ashraf M. Salama, Hatem G. Ibrahim

Since the end of the 1990s, large-scale mega projects have been initiated in Gulf cities to enable an unprecedented urban growth and the expansion of new economic sectors. In this…

A Contextual Framework for the Development of a Building Sustainability Assessment Method for Iran

Shahrzad Malek, David Grierson

As one of the fastest growing countries in the Middle East, and the one most vulnerable to climate change, the main challenge now facing Iran today is how to house its growing…

Transforming Lifestyles and Evolving Housing Patterns: A Comparative Case Study

Smita Khan, Archana Bele

The wisdom of developmental activities that propose voluminous increase in the built infrastructure is questionable. These can seriously undermine the ability of quintessential…

Unsettling Modernity: Shifting Values and Changing Housing Styles in the Kathmandu Valley

Vibha Bhattarai-Upadhyay, Urmi Sengupta

Culture has always been important for the character of the cities, as have the civic and public institutions that sustain a lifestyle and provide an identity. Substantial evidence…

Affective Perception of Place: Attachment to Kuala Lumpur Historical Urban Places

Norsidah Ujang

Asian cities have witnessed changes in the urban landscape and social behaviour in the past decades. As a result of a continuous transformation of urban centres, the sense of…

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