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Masa Noguchi

In response to growing global warming issues and the constant increase of energy prices, housebuilders and housing manufacturers today are becoming more responsive to the…

Design Issues for Net Zero-Energy Buildings

Laura Aelenei, Daniel Aelenei, Helder Gonçalves, Roberto Lollini, Eike Musall, Alessandra Scognamiglio, Eduard Cubi, Massa Noguchi

Net Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEBs) have received increased attention in recent years as a result of constant concerns about energy supply constraints, decreasing energy…

Mass-Customized Net Energy-Positive Housing For the Great Lakes Region

Geoffrey Thün, Kathy Velikov, Mary O'Malley, Colin Ripley

This paper presents the Latitude Housing System, a speculative model for a means of imagining multi-scalar nested considerations for the development of a mass-customized…

Casazeroenergy: An Italian Prototype of Zero Energy Building

Antonio Frattari

CasaZeroEnergy is the prototype for a building that does not use energy produced from non-renewable sources, but produces its require energy by using alternative energetic…

Mass Housing and Sustainability

Harald N. Røstvik

The world population just passed 7 billion. Fear of growth towards 35 billion, if the “high fertility rate scenario” was maintained, is reduced. The “stable fertility rate…

Modular, Sustainable and Customized: Projects for the Contemporary Dwelling

Alessandra De Cesaris, Domizia Mandolesi

The home is the place where the intimacy of living is manifested and where relationships with the outside world are formed. The truest sense of domestic space is expressed…

Configuring Product Variants in Customisation Strategies for House-Building

Cecília Gravina da Rocha, Carlos Torres Formoso

Mass customisation involves the provision of product variants that fulfil clients' specific requirements seeking to increase product values. The configuration process…

Sustainable Measures and Economic Value in Green Housing

Chihiro Shimizu

As interest grows in environmentally friendly buildings, or “green buildings,” the real estate industry is expected to play an increasingly active role in the realization…

Measured Home Environment and Energy Consumption Compared to Accepted Standards

Hasim Altan, Mohamed Refaee, Liangxiu Han, Masa Noguchi

Energy usage of households accounts for a significant portion of total energy consumption and carbon emissions. Scottish homes today are highly energy consumers emitting…

Book Review

Yonca Hürol, Jia Beisi

CLIMATE CHANGE ETHICS – navigating the Perfect moral Storm

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