Assembly Automation: Volume 9 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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SCEMI's activities expand into automation systems

French systems engineering company SCEMI will be spearheading its parent company's expansion plans with new activities. Brian Rooks reports.

Instrumented gripper for insertion of odd‐form components

C. Irwin, J. Mecher

When Northern Telecom converted to an in‐line assembly process, flexibility was essential to success.

Team effort on improvement brings results and rewards

A quality improvement team at Rank Xerox in France has won awards for work on typewriter‐ribbon cassette assembly. Brian Rooks looked into things.

Manufacturing logistics bring companies cash savings

Drastic inventory savings in assembly have been gained by many firms through JIT implementations. Jack Hollingum reports on an IMechE seminar.

Design concepts for electronics factories of the future

Yuji Furukawa

After studying current methods, a Japanese industry association aims for new manufacturing concepts.

Automated motor assembly sweeps Electrolux to success

A domestic appliance maker aims to maintain its market leadership through top‐quality goods produced on a new automated line.

SMT: how ACL is making a lean machine

Stephen McClelland reports on how one man has modified surface‐mount machines, and achieved remarkable performances as a result.

Tackling quality and flexibility in robotic assembly

Kevin Clarke

The Special Placement Assembly Robot system aims to aid placing of odd‐form components on PCBs.

Quietly does it: feeder with the gentle touch

Among component‐feeding devices, none has yet proved a significant rival to the vibratory feeder. But a new Swedish device may do so. Brian Rooks reports.

Keeping an eye on the Japanese

A privileged group has been given an opportunity to see the electronic packaging industry in Japan. Stephen McClelland read their report.

Great hopes at little Acorn grow

An Irish automation company has taken on US and Japanese manufacturing giants and won an industry award. Brian Rooks reports.

Automation makes the difference in differential assembly

Accumulation of tolerances on components of sub‐assemblies has caused problems in automating assembly. Marposs has found a way round.



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