Assembly Automation: Volume 8 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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A system that gives quality and variety in PCB manufacture

McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems of Hemel Hempstead has taken delivery of the first Chad PCB assembly system in the UK.

Assembling, testing, packing — in one flexible system

Erich Laukenmann

Four assembly and four manual workstations make up a line for producing four types of potentiometer.

Sophisticated system regulates random runs at Skoda

More than 50 engine variants can be produced in random sequence on the new Skoda assembly line. Jack Hollingum reports from Czechoslovakia.

DFA as a primary process decreases design deficiencies

P.J. Sackett, A.E.K. Holbrook

A survey of papers and design‐for‐assembly systems shows where this discipline should be heading.

Perkins puts power into European engine initiative

Rik Butcher

This month, Perkins Engines and three major partners start the first stage of a FAMOS project.

Timex turns its hands to high‐yield manufacture

Stephen McClelland explains how the Timex company has turned itself into an expert assembler of surface‐mount devices in its new Dundee‐based venture.

Advanced parts orientation system has wide application

Hajime Hitakawa

Engineers at Sony have developed a system for small‐lot automated assembly of a wide range of parts.

Picking the parameters to ease automation of assembly

D. Chay, E. Lenz, M. Shpitalni

Special software in a CAD system can help a designer evaluate an assembly and redesign it for automation.

Assembly at ASEA means demand‐driven manufacture

ASEA Distribution in Vasteras, Sweden, uses a robotised line for the assembly of small contactors.

Japanese look for simplicity in surface‐mounting techniques

John Hartley

Increasing use of surface‐mounted devices has led to a spate of simple placing machines.



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