Assembly Automation: Volume 8 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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A universal concept for cylinder‐head assembly

Eric Hemmingson

ABB ROBOTICS has, in conjunction with the automotive industry, developed a concept for automatic mounting of cylinder heads which satisfies the industry's increasingly…

Rationalisation results in assembly‐orientated design

R. Bäβler

THE increasing pressure of national and international competition is forcing firms to rationalise even further, especially in the field of assembly. In order to perform…

Flexible fingers can solve gripper sensitivity problems

C.T. Irwin

FLEXIBILITY has always been associated with robotic systems. However, once a robot has been integrated into an application, the robot is no longer flexible but becomes a…

Automation is crucial to future competitiveness

Stephen McClelland

JAPANESE industry is not short of ambition — an ambition to make goods smaller, lighter, and especially in these days of a very strong yen, cheaper. The large blue‐chip…

Inbucon finds the route for a flexible transport system

Mark Goddard‐Watts

AN ‘INTELLIGENT’ transport system built for Normalair Garrett (NGL) by PE Inbucon under an ESPRIT project has been returned to the conveyor builders, Marwin Production…

Unusual arrangement at Oki leads plasma display production

John Hartley

INVESTING in the automation of a product still in its infancy is a risky business, especially when there is a rival product of a different type that is being promoted by…



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