Assembly Automation: Volume 7 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Robotic assembly: next link in MGZ's chain

Anna Kochan

It has taken MGZ less than four years to become a major systems integrator for robotics. Having started in the field with no expertise other than traditional engineering…

Assembling the expertise to beat the opposition

John Mortimer

Winning a contract worth £6 million from the Austin Rover group for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of an engine‐assembly line requires a good deal…

Adept aids Adec's precision in industry

Brian Rooks

What is the common link between watches, chocolates and finance? The most obvious answer is Switzerland; less obvious is Adec Robot, a young Swiss company based at…

SMT, TAB or COB — which to choose?

Stephen McClelland

After a shaky and possibly over‐hyped start in the early 1980s, surface‐mount technologies are beginning to find favour with many electronics‐assembly houses. Undoubtedly…

Laser applications for small part assembly

Bruno Lotter

With the development of laser welding technology, welding techniques are increasingly used in automatic assembly machines. The main advantage of laser welding is due to…

Measuring future needs: Sangamo goes for electronics

Anna Kochan

The electricity meter in a British home has an 80% chance of being made by Sangamo Metering of Felixstowe. However, to date it has only a very small chance of being…

Upsurge in robot utilisation

John Hartley

To boost productivity in car body assembly, the Japanese firm Mazda has installed robots that can handle panels as well as weld them in place. It has also extended the use…

Current hardware configurations in assembly automation

Stephen McClelland

One important but frequently‐ignored feature of assembly automation is that hardware continues to evolve, and consequently, detailed system designs are liable to rapid…



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